Eir and Flink’s Epic Adventure to Save a Mermaid

March 31, 2023

How to save a mermaid?

Some time, somewhere in a nordic country, in the village of Hanlinna, there lived Eir and her loyal companion, Flink, the dog. Eir was known throughout the village for her love of nature and adventurous spirit. She often took Flink on long walks through the countryside, exploring new paths and discovering hidden treasures of nature.

One sunny day, Eir and Flink decided to take a walk to the lake near the village. The sky was clear, and the sun shone brightly, making it the perfect day for an adventure. As they walked, they passed fields of dandelions and an array of other wildflowers, streams gurgling with clear, fresh water, and groves of trees filled with birds singing sweetly.

Save a mermaid  Photo by ArtHouse Studio at pexels.com

Photo by ArtHouse Studio

As they approached the lake, Eir noticed something strange in the water. It was a glittering object that seemed to be moving toward the shore. As it got closer, Eir realized that it was a mermaid, struggling to get onto the beach!

Without hesitation, Eir and Flink rushed to the mermaid’s aid. With their help, the mermaid was able to climb out of the water and onto the shore. She thanked them for their kindness and explained that she had been attacked by a group of sea monsters and had been forced to flee to the shore for safety. Eir discovered a puncture wound on her fish-like skin and her tail fin, so she applied one of her well-working herbal remedies: calendula ointment and a tea made with lemon balm.

As Eir, Flink, and the mermaid sat by the tranquil lake, the mermaid recounted the terrifying story of how the sea monsters had come after her. She explained that they were fierce creatures that had been terrorizing the sea for years, attacking ships and sea creatures alike. They were known to be particularly cruel to mermaids, who they believed possessed magical powers that they could use against them.

The mermaid had been swimming near the shore, harvesting some kelp for a fresh salad, when she saw behind her the sea monsters approaching. The sea monsters were huge, with scaly skin and razor-sharp teeth. Their eyes glowed red in the darkness of the water, and their tentacles writhed and squirmed as they swam.

They moved with a grace and speed that was both mesmerizing and terrifying, and the mermaid knew that she would never be able to defeat them on her own. She tried to swim away, but they were almost too fast for her. They chased her for miles, snapping their sharp teeth at her tail and fins, puncturing her skin, and she knew that she had to find a way to escape. Now.

That was when she remembered the hidden, narrow underwater canal that ran between the lake and the sea. With a last effort, she swam as fast as she could, using her powerful tail to propel herself forward, and managed to slip through the narrow passage just as the sea monsters caught up to her.

tentacles - by Twiggy Jia at pexels.com


Photo by Twiggy Jia at pexels.com

Legend had it that the animosity between mermaids and sea monsters had started more than 2000 years ago, during a time when the ocean was ruled by a powerful and malevolent sea god named Othos. Othos was known for his cruelty and his insatiable appetite for power, and he delighted in tormenting and terrorizing the creatures that lived in his domain.

Mermaids were among his favorite targets. They were beautiful and mysterious creatures, with shimmering tails and enchanting voices that could lull even the fiercest sea creature into a peaceful slumber. Othos was jealous of their magical powers and saw them as a threat to his reign.

Othos summoned a group of sea monsters to attack the mermaids to assert his dominance, hoping to scare them into submission. The sea monsters were fierce and powerful, with sharp teeth and deadly tentacles, and they were able to overpower many of the mermaids.

The surviving mermaids were outraged by Othos’ cruelty and vowed to fight back against him and his minions. They rallied together, using their magic to summon powerful storms and create whirlpools that could trap the sea monsters.

The mermaids and sea monsters battled each other for centuries, with neither side gaining a clear advantage. The conflict became so fierce that it was said to have created the underwater canal that ran between the lake and the sea, a narrow passage that was too small for the sea monsters to enter.

Over time, the mermaids grew tired of the endless conflict and decided to retreat to the safety of the freshwater lakes and streams, when needed. They hoped that one day a hero would arise who could defeat Othos and bring peace to the seas, but until then, they would use the safe escape to the lake to stay hidden from the wrath of the sea god and his minions.

That was why she was so grateful when Eir and Flink came to her rescue. With their help, she had been able to escape the sea monsters and make it safely to the shore.

As they sat by the lake, watching the sunset over the horizon, Eir, Flink, and the mermaid knew that they had faced their fears and triumphed over evil. They had proven that even the most fearsome monsters could be defeated with courage, determination, and the help of good friends.

Sea monsters underwater - Photo by Ricky Esquivel pexels.com

Photo by Ricky Esquivel pexels.com

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