acupuncture for animals

Acupuncture for Animals

Acupuncture can easily supplement conventional treatment. Integrative veterinary medicine is the best approach for chronic health problems. To treat pain, different angles and levels can be approached. You as the pet parent just need to know about the options.

chiropactic for animals

Veterinary Chiropractic Care

Animal chiropractic is a manual treatment modality, which focuses on the biomechanics of the spine. It has effects on the entire central and peripheral nervous system of the body. Chiropractic treatment can provide additional treatment options for musculoskeletal and spinal problems.

St Johns Wort

Herbal Medicine for Animals

Herbal medicine is based on thousands of years of traditional use and is backed up by modern scientific research, clinical trials and evidence. Herbal prescriptions are designed to restore the body’s natural state of balance so that it can deal with the underlying cause of the symptoms.

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